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Hendersonville is one of the most picturesque towns in Tennessee. Founded in the late 1780s, the city has a rich history that is still on full display in the present day. Transplants and longtime residents can always book a guided tour of Historic Rock Castle and take in the scenic landscape of Old Hickory Lake. When the weather is on the outs, embrace our deep musical roots and catch a performance by the Hendersonville Performing Arts Company

When you decide to forgo a day out on the town and choose to spend time at home, make sure you’re able to unwind safely. Brown recluse spiders are a common household pest in Middle Tennessee. Although brown recluse bites don’t happen as often as you’d think, an encounter with one of these arachnids can put you in the hospital. You can take precautions against these critters and any other spiders hiding in your home by booking an appointment with Smash Pest Control.

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Brown recluse control is only one of several services we provide. We have the expertise and skill set to handle just about any residential and commercial pest control job. You can reach out to Smash Pest Control for the following services:

We enjoy going above and beyond for our clients, and we also offer crawl space moisture control and animal exclusion services.

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What Does a Brown Recluse Look Like?

Brown recluse spiders are often confused with other types of spiders. They share similarities with other spiders like their light brown coloring and overall body shape. These spiders are relatively small – they’re about the size of a quarter with their legs fully extended – and they’re quick. It can be difficult to identify the species of a spider without getting too close and putting yourself at risk. If you can snap a picture or get a good look from a safe distance, search for the telltale violin shape on its body.

When you’re in doubt, show a picture to one of our technicians during your pest inspection. They’ll be able to tell you if your eight-legged intruder is harmless or venomous.

What Do Brown Recluse Spiders Eat?

Contrary to popular belief, brown recluse spiders aren’t stalking us in the shadows. They are great hunters, but their preferred meals are soft-bodied insects that are found indoors and outdoors. Their favorite snacks are cockroaches, crickets, and beetles. They’ll even eat other spiders if they’re given the opportunity.

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When pests move into your home, it can leave you feeling uneasy and unsafe. Smash Pest Control is here to restore your peace of mind so that you can enjoy your home as intended. Keep your home spider-free and reach out to us to schedule your annual pest inspection today. Call us at 615-551-4029 or request a free quote online.


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