Make Your Home Pest Proof With Smash Pest Control’s Animal Exclusion Services

Pests have adapted to living alongside humans over hundreds of years, and it’s not a mystery as to why. We offer a combination of easy access to food and protection from the elements that are hard to come by in nature. It’s better to deal with these opportunistic critters by taking proactive measures to keep them from getting into your home in the first place. As part of your pest prevention plan, ask Smash Pest Control about our animal exclusion and critter control services.

Animal-proofing your home is also recommended after we successfully treat your pest problem or you have a run-in with an occasional invader, like a raccoon or squirrel. Pests are clever and they’ll look for another entry point once their initial way in is taken away.

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What Is Animal & Wildlife Exclusion?

Animal exclusion is a method of pest control that is used preemptively or as part of a more in-depth plan – with a focus on keeping pests and wildlife out of your home or business. As part of your inspection, one of our technicians will go through your property to carefully assess any potential entry points to close them off. This can include sealing gaps and using wire mesh to block bigger openings.

Does Smash Pest Control Remove or Relocate Wildlife?

We DO NOT offer wildlife removal and relocation services at this time. If you think there is a skunk, possum, raccoon, or another wild animal living in an area of your home, please reach out to your county’s animal control unit.

How Do Animals Get Into a Home?

Your home is a fortress. There’s no way an animal can get past you and set up shop under your watch. …right?

That’s what you might think, but some animals can slip into tight spaces and there may be vulnerable spots that you haven’t thought of yet. Mice are one of the most common house pests we deal with. They’re such a prevalent intruder because of their flexible bodies that allow them to squeeze into openings as small as a quarter of an inch – roughly the size of a pencil eraser.

As vigilant as you may be, can you say confidently that your home or business is completely protected?

When in doubt, get in touch with us at Smash Pest Control. We’ll take our time to find and close any possible access points that can be exploited by a pest. Some of the areas we’ll check during our inspection include:

  • Small gaps and openings on the exterior of a property. Gaps around windows, doors, vents, and pipe openings are common points of entry for pests and wildlife.
  • On the roof. Missing shingles? Uncovered vents? HVAC pipes? Uncapped chimney? These are all calling cards for an animal in search of shelter.
  • Cracks in foundations or walls. Rodents, insects, and other small animals can get through tiny cracks or holes in a building’s foundation and walls.
  • Through the attic and crawl space. Animals often find their way into attics or crawl spaces through damaged soffits, vents, or other openings.
  • Pet doors. Make sure that your pet doors are properly sealed because it can help prevent unwanted intrusions. Raccoons are attracted to cat food and if you keep your pet’s feeding bowl at ground level near a pet door, it’s an open invitation to a curious critter looking for a quick meal.
  • Overgrown vegetation and trees: Branches are highways for roof rats, squirrels, and other rodents. Overhanging branches or vines close to the home can allow pests to jump or climb onto the roof and enter your home. While landscaping isn’t our thing, we can tell you if we think it’s a problem.

Is Animal & Wildlife Exclusion Humane?

Our animal exclusion services do not involve inhumane trapping methods or any direct contact that may put an animal in harm’s way. By emphasizing prevention and exclusion, we’re looking at the long-term benefits for humans and wildlife.

Lowering the possibility of unpredictable and stressful encounters between humans and animals is the best way to ensure the safety of all living creatures.

Stop Pests Before They Take Over Your Home

You don’t have to wait until pests have overrun your home to take action. Let us smash your pest problem before it even starts. Call Smash Pest Control for a free estimate for our animal exclusion services today. Reach out to us at 615-551-4029 or get in touch with us online.


Yes, we provide expert services to control mosquitoes in and around your home and work environments. We’ve got you covered.