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The Ultimate Protection Against Termites

Protecting your home from the most destructive pest on the planet is vitally important. So at Smash Pest Control, we only use the product that has been considered the best product since it launched 15 years ago.

Termidor to the Rescue

Termidor is a liquid termiticide that is applied to the soil around the foundation of your home to create an impenetrable barrier against termite activity. What sets Termidor apart from its inferior counterparts is its ability to remain effective in the soil for remarkably long periods of time.

Termidor vs Bait Systems

The advantage of Termidor over bait systems like Sentricon is its ability and efficiency in eliminating a termite infestation quickly.

Termidor is guaranteed to eliminate an entire colony that comes in contact with its product in 90 days or less. Bait systems simply cannot compete with that level of efficiency. In fact, companies that use bait systems are known to use liquid treatments as part of their control when active infestations are found during initial treatments.

3-Year Price Guarantee

Termidor is generally known to be a more expensive solution compared to baiting systems, but at Smash Pest Control, we offer a 3-year price guarantee. If our price for Termidor isn’t cheaper then the three year cost of using a baiting system, we will match it – Guaranteed!

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