Bed Bug Control

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Do You Have Bed Bugs?

Bed bug infestations are usually detected by the welts and irritations caused by the bites and by the fecal smears and blood spots visible on pillowcases, sheets, and mattresses.

Heavy infestations may even be accompanied by a distinct odor. If you suspect you may have bed bugs call us to schedule a free inspection and have an expert come give your home a thorough inspection.

How We Treat Them

Effectively treating bed bugs requires both professional help and cooperation and assistance from the homeowner.

The key to control is locating and treating all cracks and crevices where bugs may be hidden. This can include tufts, folds, and seams of mattresses, and the cracks in the box spring and bed frame.

Non-chemical control measures like vacuuming, encasements, steaming, laundering, and removal of infested items may also be necessary to achieve control. Often multiple treatments may be required to eliminate an infestation.

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