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Many of us spend time outdoors to relax and unwind, but there are hidden dangers all around us. What was once supposed to be a fun day on the hiking trail can quickly devolve into a health crisis thanks to tiny blood-thirsty fiends known as ticks. These pests may be small in appearance, but their bite can pack a big punch. Tick-borne diseases like Lyme disease can be debilitating and affect you for the rest of your life. Take the necessary steps to protect your loved ones by calling Smash Pest Control for our tick prevention and control services.

What Do Ticks Look Like?

Ticks are external parasites of mammals, birds, and reptiles that feed primarily on the blood of their hosts. Ticks are identified by their sac-like body and four pairs of jointed legs with no antennae. They will frequently wait in ambush for a host on vegetation along trails and paths traveled by people or animals.

There are three common ticks encountered in Tennessee – the American dog tick, the brown dog tick, and the Lone Star tick. The brown dog tick rarely attacks humans, but the American dog tick and Lone Star tick will attack both humans and animals.

Do Ticks Jump or Fly?

Although ticks can sense when a host is nearby through heat, vibration, and even carbon dioxide like bed bugs, they don’t jump or fly like other blood-sucking bugs like fleas and mosquitoes. Instead, ticks use a strategy called “questing” to attach themselves to hosts. They climb onto blades of grass, shrubs, or other vegetation and wait for the potential host to pass by. If an animal or human brushes up against the vegetation, the tick can latch on with its outstretched front legs.

Where Do Ticks Live?

Ticks are usually found outdoors in warm, damp areas with plenty of shade. They thrive in locations with lots of tall grass and other vegetation like forests and grasslands where they can hide and bide their time waiting for an unsuspecting host.

Ticks aren’t only in wooded areas. They can also be found in dog parks, local gardens, and you guessed it – your very own yard if the conditions are right. If you live near a pasture or farm where livestock are free to roam, you can expect ticks to be present as well. In short, ticks will hang around areas that are frequented by animals and people.

What Diseases Can Ticks Transmit?

Bites can lead to discolored itchy spots that may take two weeks to fully heal, and like other parasites, ticks can pass along diseases as well. Most notable are Rocky Mountain spotted fever, human monocytic ehrlichiosis, and Lyme disease. The only practical way of preventing these diseases is to avoid ticks or remove them as soon as possible. Always use a pair of tweezers and never attempt to remove them with nail polish, alcohol, or heat.

The best course of action is to be proactive and keep them away from your pets and family by contacting Smash Pest Control.

What ticks carry Lyme disease?

While the tick species is primarily responsible for transmitting Lyme disease in the U.S., not all ticks carry Borrelia burgdorferi – the bacteria that causes the disease. The tick you have to be mindful of in Middle Tennessee is the black-legged tick – commonly referred to as the deer tick

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