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Basic Information

The cat flea is the most common flea found on cats and dogs in Tennessee. They are 1/16-inch long and reddish-brown in color with bodies that are flattened on both sides and backward-projecting spines that allow them to walk easily through animal hair. They are capable of jumping almost 200 times their height thanks to their enlarged legs in multiple parts.

Fleas must stay on or very close to their host to survive. Their hosts include cats, dogs, opossums, foxes, occasionally rats and other urban animals. They will attack humans only when pets are not available.

Are They Dangerous?

Most people are aware of the itch produced by flea bites, but they aren’t just irritating. They can also transmit several disease-causing organisms to humans, including flea-borne typhus and plague, but fortunately these diseases are rarely seen in Tennessee.

They are more of a veterinarian concern than a human one. They are able to transmit dog tapeworm which can be very dangerous to pets. Humans can also be infected if they accidentally consume an infected flea adult.

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