Banish Bugs From Your Property With Smash Pest Control’s Pest Removal Services

Tennessee is infamous for its pests, especially throughout the warmer months of the year! Ants, termites, rats, mice, mosquitoes, spiders, wasps, and others not only cause damage to your property, but they can actually be harmful to your health. Without a trained pest professional, these problems can seem unconquerable.

The good news is that just one call to the team at Smash Pest Control will not only remove any existing infestations you may be experiencing but offer many additional benefits, including:

Reduce Illness and the Risk of Various Diseases

Household pests can transmit a variety of diseases through their bite or droppings like dengue, malaria, Lyme disease, and even asthma.

However, the incorrect use of DIY pesticides and chemicals can also have adverse effects of their own. So, the best option is to call the pest professionals at Smash Pest Control. We have the knowledge, expertise, and the proper tools to tackle any pest situation.

Protect Your Largest Single Investment – Your Home

Many pests in Tennessee can cause direct and serious damage to your home. Everyone knows the risks associated with termites (the most dangerous pests to your property in the United States), but many other pests can cause significant damage as well, like carpenter ants, rodents, carpet beetles, and more.

Thousands of homes are damaged in Tennessee every year resulting in millions of dollars in damages. Protect your home. Call Smash Pest Control and schedule your inspection today.

Reduce Allergies and Itching and Help Ensure Your Family Sleeps Well at Night

Mosquitoes, bed bugs, spiders, and other pests bite and sting and cause or aggravate allergies and itching. These pests lurk in the hidden nooks and crannies of houses and businesses and can quickly make large colonies or nests.

The pest professionals at Smash Pest Control have the skills, the training, and the equipment to handle any pest problem, no matter how severe. We provide permanent solutions that ensure that pests do not return.

Stop worrying about getting bitten and give yourself and your family the good night’s sleep you deserve – along with peace of mind and breathing more easily.

Protect Your Professional Reputation

An infestation in a commercial space is a surefire way to go out of business. If you own a warehouse that is responsible for storing, packaging, and shipping products, pests like spiders can nest in boxes that are being sent to the homes of consumers. You can unintentionally expose your customers to a dangerous bite from a brown recluse or black widow spider.

Rats, mice, and cockroaches prefer to stay close to humans to scoop up any morsels of food they leave behind. Restaurants and facilities with commercial kitchens like hotels are often a beacon for these pests. With their ability to spread diseases, businesses have to be vigilant about keeping pests in check or run the risk of being ground zero for a disease outbreak.

Reduce Business Expenses by Avoiding Costly Repairs

Rodents and termites can cause significant damage to buildings, equipment, and inventory. The pest control technicians from Smash Pest Control can identify and address potential entry points with targeted treatments and preventive methods to minimize this risk. Rats and mice are also notorious for chewing on wires, which elevates the possibility of an electrical fire.

Don’t Wait – Take Advantage of the Best Pest Control Services Throughout the Greater White House Area

Happy residents and successful businesses are necessary for our community to flourish. Pests are a big threat to that balance but if we all work together, we can protect each other and the hometowns we love. Reach out to Smash Pest Control now by calling 615-581-7473 or contact us for a free quote. We can’t wait to work with you!


One thing about us is that we are committed to making sure you get the best pest control possible. Smash Pest Control is ready to take care of your pest infestations today.