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Many towns across the country hold the Springfield moniker, but our town is special. As the heart of Robertson Country, we’re home to much of the county’s historical heritage and culture. You can visit the Springfield Historic District to see buildings that are nearly 200 years old and stock up on antique goodies at one of our locally owned boutiques.

If you want to brush up on the town’s past, sign up for a tour at the Robertson County History Museum. Of course, life in Springfield isn’t stuck in the archives. We’re known for modern leisure activities, too. Keep your boat ready to go so you can take advantage of the rivers and lakes on a nice, warm day. And is there a better way to pass the time than taking a walk at Springfield Greenway?

Some days, you just can’t get out of the house and you have to set aside some time to take care of those pesky household chores you’ve previously put off. As you head down to the basement to grab a storage box, you notice that your wooden staircase is creaking more than you remember. Actually, some stairs don’t feel safe to step on at all. There is a chance that this is a sign of termite damage. Before you risk falling through a floor plank, reach out to Smash Pest Control for a thorough termite inspection.

When You Need Quality Pest Control, You Can Count on Us

We offer an in-depth list of residential and commercial pest control services, customized to meet the unique needs of your home or business. Whether you’re dealing with ants, termites, rats, or other unexpected guests, we have the knowledge and experience to get the job done right. We provide the following services:

We advocate a proactive approach to pest control. You can protect your property by closing up potential entry points and eliminating damp areas that can draw in critters. To help you out with that, we also provide crawl space moisture control and animal exclusion services.

What Causes Termites?

Like all insects, termites are attracted to food sources. Termites are often associated with feasting on wood, but that’s not exactly accurate. Their food of choice is a fiber called cellulose that is found in wood, leaves, paper, and cardboard.

Other than wood, termites look for damp areas. They’ll seek out parts of your house with poor drainage and high humidity like crawl spaces with leaky HVAC pipes. If there is wood or another cellulose-rich source nearby, your home could be a prime target during termite swarms – when reproductively mature flying termites go out in search of places to start new colonies.

Let Smash Pest Control Take Care of Your Termite Problem

Don’t let termites turn your dream home into a nightmare. Protect your house by scheduling an appointment for a termite inspection with Smash Pest Control. We don’t just react to termite problems, we prevent them. Our proven methods ensure your home stays termite-free. Call us today at 615-551-4029 or get a free quote online.


Nashville residents have their share of bothersome pests too. That’s why they get the same professional pest control services that are available everywhere in our service area.