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If you don’t want to get in a round of golf at Dogwood Hills Municipal Golf Course, you can still appease your inner outdoorsman with a backyard barbecue for friends and family. But what should you do when your afternoon shindig is interrupted by a swarm of angry wasps? Get indoors and call Smash Pest Control. We’ll come to your rescue!

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What Attracts Wasps to My Property?

Many wasp species are opportunistic invaders and aren’t picky about where they nest. They’ll set up shop anywhere as long as the location meets their basic needs. Think like a wasp scout and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is there food available? Wasps are attracted to sweet treats like ripe fruits, sugary drinks, and nectar from flowers. They’ve also been known to scavenge for protein sources such as discarded meat, pet food, and other insects.
  • Is there a water source nearby? Like humans and other pests, wasps need water for survival. A consistent source of water like birdbaths, puddles, leaky hoses, and pools can attract wasps to your property.
  • Can they find a secluded spot? Wasps look for sheltered areas to build their nests. This could include eaves, attics, tree branches, hollow logs, bushes, and abandoned burrows.
  • Can they see it and smell it? Wasps are drawn to bright colors and strong scents because they often associate it with food sources. Keep an eye out for brightly colored and aromatic flowers.
  • Is something rotten around here? Rotting fruits, compost heaps, and garbage bins are major attractions for wasps as they search for food and nesting materials.

Kick Wasps to the Curb

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