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Founded against the backdrop of the Cumberland River, Madison was originally known as Madison Station and once served as an important stop along the Louisville and Nashville Railroad. That historical significance is carefully woven into the town’s modern tapestry, and it’s what makes Madison the family-oriented community it is today. 

Residents can take a walk down memory lane and learn about Madison’s vast history without going too far from home. You can visit the 100-year-old Amqui Station that was once saved from demolition by country music legend, Johnny Cash. When you want to explore the outdoors and Mother Nature cooperates, grab your binoculars to go birding at Radnor Lake State Park

“Home is where the heart is” is an age-old adage for good reason. Sometimes, you feel like lounging and don’t want to leave your cozy abode. Nothing can send your day of peace and quiet into a tailspin like spotting a mouse. The furry critters have mastered the art of living alongside humans. They’re opportunistic and can survive off of our scraps, but they’re stealthy and can avoid detection until an infestation is out of hand. Whether it’s a one-time sighting or you find evidence of a bigger problem, Smash Pest Control is the team to turn to for your mouse problem.

Our Residential and Commercial Pest Control Services Are Comprehensive

Smash Pest Control isn’t a one-trick pony; we can handle all kinds of pests. We offer a wide array of options to treat residential and commercial properties, including:

Couldn’t recommend more! Fast, friendly service and not a bug in sight!

-Jennifer A.

How Long Do Mice Live?

The lifespans of house mice can vary greatly. Some mice may only make it to six months, while others can live as long as two years. Mice can easily succumb to harsh weather conditions, food scarcity, and bigger predators when they’re left to fend for themselves outside. This is why you may see an uptick in mouse activity in your home when temperatures drop.

Although mice don’t live as long as other animals, their ability to reproduce prolifically is why a few stray sightings can quickly balloon into a full-blown infestation. Both male and female mice can reach reproductive maturity in as little as five weeks. Their pregnancies have a short span of 20 days on average. Female mice can have up to 10 litters per year with each litter containing about six to eight pups.

A pair of mice can produce a population that can overrun your home in just a few months. When you see a single mouse, take it seriously. Get Smash Pest Control on the phone and schedule an appointment for an inspection. Mice can be destructive and early intervention is always the preferred path.

Count On Smash Pest Control To Get Rid of Mice

Mice are some of the most disruptive household pests. They contaminate food, chew through wiring, and destroy property. Evict your unwanted roommates and reach out to Smash Pest Control for rodent control services. You can call us at 615-551-4029 or ask for a free quote now.


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