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Want an Unbeatable Guarantee? You Got It!

Many companies make vague promises and guarantees – or they make bold statements but then back it up with fine print that protects them from actually having to stand by those statements.

Not many will boldly guarantee that their customer’s expectations will be Smashed…or it’s free. But that’s exactly what Smash Pest Control offers you.

The Smash Pest Control Guarantee is simple. We either Smash your expectations or your next service is free. Period.

Does this mean we guarantee you will never see a bug again? Absolutely not! Any company that makes that promise is setting themselves up to fail.

Pest Control is about removing existing infestations and preventing the next one from happening. Smash Pest Control will always set the proper expectation with our customers and then strive to outperform them at every step.

By doing this, when we ask you if we “Smashed your expectations today?” we are confident that your answer will be “Yes!” And if its not, we will fix it right there – on the spot – before we ever leave your home.

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