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That sinking feeling in your gut when you discover a termite problem in your home or business… If you think you’ve got an issue, then you need to call in a termite exterminator team that has your back. 

That’s us, here at Smash Pest Control. Don’t search “termite control near me,” turn to us instead! We’ll complete a termite inspection, then recommend the next best steps…call today!

What Do Termites Look Like?

Termites are small, pale insects with soft, elongated bodies, straight antennae, and no distinct waist. Their color ranges from white to light brown, and they vary in size, depending on their role within the colony. For instance, worker termites are generally smaller, while soldiers may have larger and more robust bodies, and reproductive termites have equal-sized wings that they shed after mating.

Have you spotted a termite in your house? Stop frantically searching for ways to get rid of termites on your own…rather, leave the termite treatment to us!


Signs of Termite Damage

Termites can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage if left to their own devices. This means that the earlier you note an issue, the better so we can begin our termite treatment process!

Early signs of termite damage include:


  • Spotting a colony somewhere on your property
  • Finding shed wings throughout your property
  • Mud tubes in your walls, foundation, crawl spaces, etc.
  • Windows and doors you can’t open
  • Hollow-sounding wooden surfaces in your home
  • Sagging or buckling floorboards

What Damage Can Termites Do?

Termites are notorious for causing significant damage to structures, primarily by feeding on wood and other things containing cellulose – the main structural component of the cell walls in plants and their primary source of nutrients.

What specific types of damage can their feeding habits cause, then? Think structural damage, foundation damage due to the creation of mud tubes, damage to paper or other paper-based products, sagging or buckling floors and ceilings, and a lot more – all of which are expensive and time-consuming to address. If you suspect termites have been feeding on your home, call out a professional (like us) for a termite inspection. We’ll break down our findings with you and give you some options for termite treatment.

We Can Smash Your Termite Problem

If your home or business in White House or somewhere surrounding Nashville is in termite trouble or just in need of a professional termite inspection, give us a call. Our termite treatment & control solutions get rid of them in 90 days. We’ll smash your termite issues head-on – guaranteed. 

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