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Does it feel like your backyard or outdoor space is under constant siege by mosquitoes? Bite-free outings don’t have to be a far-off dream anymore. Smash Pest Control’s expert mosquito control services provide long-lasting results at affordable rates for residents in White House and neighboring towns. Get in touch with us today for a free quote or book your initial inspection.

What Are Common Types of Mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes are found all over the world. There a many species found in our area, but there a three that are most prevalent:

  • Asian tiger mosquito. This mosquito is an aggressive biter that will even strike during the daytime. It prefers to breed in small containers like buckets, tires, and empty flower pots. Its adaptability allows it to thrive in urban and suburban areas. The Asian tiger mosquito has distinctive black and white markings and is known for its particularly painful bite.
  • Northern house mosquito. These mosquitoes like to breed in permanent water sources like ponds, lakes, and ditches. It prefers nocturnal feeding but will bite during the day if it’s been a while since its last meal. It has been known to transmit West Nile virus.
  • Yellow fever mosquito. The population of yellow fever mosquitoes has taken a hit in recent years in our area, but it can still be found in Middle Tennessee. While it is a bit smaller than its mosquito cousins, it’s not any less dangerous as it has been at the root of outbreaks of dengue fever and Zika virus.

Why Do Mosquitoes Bite Some People More Than Others?

If you’re the resident mosquito magnet in your family, we understand your pain. Mosquito season brings on anxiety because you have to coat yourself in repellent just to get through a backyard barbecue while one of your neighbors can sit outside for hours with no problem.

Are mosquitoes really picky eaters or is it all in the imagination?

Mosquitoes aren’t necessarily picky, but there may be a combination of things that can make you stand out when they’re on the prowl for their next meal, these can include:

  • You release more carbon dioxide. Blood-consuming pests like mosquitoes and bed bugs locate prey by detecting carbon dioxide. All humans exhale carbon dioxide when they breathe, but those with higher metabolic rates release higher levels.
  • The makeup of your sweat is attractive. Believe it or not, your sweat plays a big role in what draws mosquitoes to you. The chemicals in your sweat are affected by genetics and diet. Some folks naturally produce higher amounts of lactic acid, uric acid, and ammonia, which are potent scents to mosquitoes.
  • They like your fashion choices. Mosquitoes are drawn to dark colors like black, blue, and red. Try dressing in lighter fare to see if it offers some relief.
  • Your temperature is higher than others. Mosquitoes are attracted to body heat. If you run a little hotter than others, you stand out more to mosquitoes.
  • You’re pregnant. Studies have shown that pregnant women emit more carbon dioxide and are one degree warmer than people who aren’t pregnant. This unlucky combination is one of the reasons that enabled the Zika virus to spread and have such a devastating impact in a short period of time.
Mosquito Bite

Why Do Mosquito Bites Itch?

When a mosquito bites you, it injects some of its saliva while sucking your blood to numb the area. The saliva also acts as an anticoagulant that stops your blood from clotting so the mosquito doesn’t have to work as hard for its food, and it releases proteins into your bloodstream that aid the mosquito’s digestion.

Your body recognizes the mosquito’s saliva as foreign which triggers an immune response to eliminate the potential threat. As part of this process, your body releases a chemical called histamine to encourage the production of white blood cells, dilate blood vessels, and stimulate nerve endings. The final result is itchiness, swelling, and redness around the bite.

It is important to note that each person’s immune system is different. Some people may have more severe reactions to mosquito bites while others have little to no reaction at all.

How Do Mosquitoes Spread Viruses?

Mosquitoes are notorious disease-spreaders, but how exactly do they do it? Instead of boring you with an overly scientific answer, think of mosquitoes as bus drivers. When a mosquito bites someone sick, a passenger – the virus in question – climbs aboard for a ride. When the mosquito bites someone new, it unknowingly drops off the virus passengers, making that person sick as well.

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